• Welcome to Newton House College

    Newton House is an Independent Preparatory and Secondary School in the north western suburbs of Johannesburg

  • Small classes

  • Performance enhancing

  • Wide variety of extra-mural activities

Rise Up

A specialized college for teenagers who have barriers to learning


Newton House College

Newton House College is a high school that allows for one-on-one tuition to students in a multi-cultural and diverse learning environment. Classes are small and cater for a variety of learning needs and abilities. Teachers are experienced, professional and have accredited qualifications.  Smaller classes allow for more informed discussions and debates, teachers vary their teaching methodology to suit the individual needs and learning style of each student, and curriculum content is taught in a manner that is relevant and accessible to the students. Students are encouraged to ask questions, research topics and formulate their own frameworks and concepts related to the various subjects taught.

Subjects Offered

The school works off a mainstream curriculum (GDE) and subjects include:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Natural Sciences (Life Science and Physical Science)
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)
  • Drama
  • Technology
  • Economic Management Sciences
  • Computer literacy
  • A Fresh Approach to Education

    What makes Newton House College unique is that the school not only provides student-focused lessons – an academic support programme is also available for students who may be struggling in certain learning areas and for students who need to be extended to perform at their maximum potential. Each student at Newton House College is profiled according to his/her specific learning abilities and strengths. Teachers are trained to view each student holistically, this includes an in-depth understanding of both cognitive ability as well as social/emotional development. Teachers regularly communicate with parents and collaboration is key to supporting the success of each child at the school.

    Creating a Context for Content Learning

    Newton House College also offers a variety of extra-mural activities such as golf, squash, drama and community outreach. Students are coached by professionals in each discipline.

    Newton House College is a Christian school that teaches values such as stewardship, integrity, and respect, these values are encouraged on a daily basis. Great emphasis is placed on the moral development of the child, as well as his/her scholastic development. Students are expected to value citizenship and behave responsibly.

    The College majors on creating a happy stimulating environment and motivating the students to be constantly focused on personal gain and improvement.

    Care is taken to provide a student-safe environment, so that the risk of anti-social practices, substance abuse, adolescent deviance, bullying and other harmful influences is absent.

    Newton House College students are very smartly dressed and behaved.

    Boarding available for Grade 8, 9 & 10

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