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Extra Murals - Squash


Sport has the ability to encourage and uplift those who have faced trials, setbacks and heartaches in other areas of life.  It has the ability to promote team work, strategic thinking, patience, a sense of belonging and fulfilment.  It can serve as a channel to release tension and to liberate one’s mind from the worries of life.  Not to mention the inherent health and fitness benefits.

Sport can however, also be intimidating and a source of anxiety for those who have had negative sporting experiences due to limited innate ability, ridicule, perceived poor performance, injury or an inherent aversion to the outdoors and sports.  However, we do not believe these are obstacles that cannot be overcome, and would take deep satisfaction in seeing each child participate in, or, at the very least attempt a sport, and experience the benefits and joys it can bring.  For these reasons and more, we at Newton House College are excited to promote extra mural sports.

We offer a variety of sports that can be played by both girls and boys.  Owing to the current size of the college our offering is more focused on sports that can be played as an individual.  However, we do play team sports and have a strategic vision of how to expand the team options as the college grows in the years ahead.  Currently the college offers golf, tennis, soccer, squash, open water swimming, strength and fitness and even lawn bowls for those who are interested.

We use well equipped facilities and have access to some extremely talented and experienced coaches, some of whom play sport professionally.  We are pleased with the students’ sporting progress in recent years as they practice in various capacities and play their part in the development of the sports culture at the college.  We look forward to seeing the children grow and flourish in their sporting abilities in the years ahead.

Extra Murals - Swimming
Extra Murals - gOLF
Extra Murals - Squash