Newton House School is an Independent Preparatory and College, situated in the North-Western suburbs of Johannesburg. The School specialises in assisting children of average or above average intellectual ability who are experiencing academic difficulties or certain academic challenges to learning.

Founded in 2013

The school opened its doors in 2013 with 42 children enrolled. Our intake grades were all in the primary school and the staff complement comprised 5 teachers plus 1 administrative genius and Dr Herbie Staples, the founder. The call made to open such a school was very well supported by the therapists in the area and by the community. Our school grew visibly from the word go. By the beginning of 2014 we had 134 students. The combined schools in subsequent years has grown to an enrolment of +/- 450 students.

Our Mission

To enable children to reach their full potential with reference to our mainstream curriculum.

To create a learning environment that is conducive to the development of confidence and self-esteem.

Our Ethos

The school intentionally has an overt Christian Ethos. The norms and values that are promoted find their origin in the Christian Scriptures.

Students from other faiths will be respected, but no student will be exempted from any religious observances or ceremonies of the School.

All religious ceremonies and school assemblies will be Christian in nature and content.

A sound culture of school pride begins with the wearing of the smart uniform of Newton House School. Children are taught to know and respect the rules of the School which emphasize respect for self and others as the building blocks of success.

The school functions on a platform of sound discipline, structure and ethical behaviour.The school consciously promotes integrity and moral values.