Focusses on perceptual skills and all of the necessary pre-skills that enable learning.


We apply the standards of the National CAPS Curriculum.

High School

Prepares the pupils for a Matriculation examination by following the G.E.T band curriculum of the National Department of Education.

Awards Systems

Newton House School believes in awards and uses them as recognition of significant achievement and also as motivation for our pupils. These awards are similar to those used by prestigious schools across the country. Children who excel will be eligible for Colours, Half Colours and Merit Badges as well as Certificates of Merit.

Educational Class Visits

Newton House School will constantly plan to expose its pupils to activities and outings to venues that will contribute to the wider education of each child.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The educational progress of each child will be impacted by a multidisciplinary approach in which the School staff will periodically meet with the Ancillary Health Professionals who interface with the child. This collaboration will ensure that appropriate strategies and didactic methodologies are implemented. The Health Professionals will also be empowered by the perspectives that the School will add to the discussion.

Re-integration of pupils into standard large-class, less focussed schools

At the end of each academic year the performance of each child will be assessed to determine whether the child’s progress is such as to allow for the reintegration of the child into a standard large-class, less focussed school of choice. Parents will be helped to make wise choices about such reintegration. Newton House will undertake to provide appropriate information and cooperation to the new school as part of an effective handover.