I want to say that I’ve noticed such a change since Luc joined the school. He often comes home singing a new song he has learnt at school and for the most part, likes to go to school everyday. The teachers he has had – Mrs Button and Mrs Swanepoel have been amazing for him. He loves them. It all means the world to me and I thought I should just write to all of you and thank you. It was a good move and I appreciate it.

Sherryn Riley
Kerry Kollmorgen

In the few short weeks of this year, not only is Gregory happy about learning new words but he is wanting to read….

This is a completely different child to the child we enrolled, so a huge thank you to Mrs Daniel.  This was a huge concern for us and I see that I can put this concern to bed now.
I have told Mrs Daniel the same, but I feel you need to know as well.

Thank you to all involved in making Gregory a happy, confident and reading child !!!

Kerry Kollmorgen
Robyn Rondi

Thank you once again for everything you have done for Cam and the enormous difference you have personally made in his life.

We could not have made a better choice even if we wished, Newton house has been the best thing we have done for my child.

Robyn Rondi
Mark Mitchley

Dear Newton House, including teachers, principal and support staff,

Thank you for making such a large, positive contribution to Taine’s life ,
I greatly appreciate it.

Mark Mitchley
Chantal Catherine Macdonald

Absolutely fantastic school that our son has been attending since the beginning of this year. I would strongly recommend to anyone who has a child with learning difficulties.

The nurturing and loving environment instills confidence thereby allowing them to focus on the foundation of their education.

Chantal Catherine MacdonaldNewton House Facebook reviews

I would like to express my gratitude for all the understanding, effort and passion that Mrs Mason, Mrs Daniel and Lisa give to Luke and Matthew. You have wonderful teachers, who really care.

Lisa is amazing – such a blessing.

We are so happy at Newton.

Lisa Teles

Newton House has been an absolute blessing to Michael and we have noted how he has blossomed, grown in confidence and made great strides in his self-discipline. Michael has articulated how he is committed to his learning and in particular his concentration in class and for us this was a key focus area in his development.

We believe that he is ready to revert to the larger class rooms within the mainstream schooling environment and in turn Michael has also expressed a desire to progress to Trinity House.
Dr Staples we are ever grateful to you and the staff at Newton House for the huge impact you had on Michael during a critical phase in his life and schooling. The Newton House philosophy along with its nurturing and traditional value system has been an absolute privilege to be a part of.

Grant and Liesel Lotz

When I first approached Newton House I was in dire need of educational aid for my son. Dr Staples paid close attention to my sons issues and requirements – with a concerned heart he opened the Newton House doors and welcomed him into his family.

When my son Ayden started at Newton House in 2013 he was 20 months behind his grade level. Over the past two years that he has been at Newton House the growth and development I have experienced with my son has been phenomenal. Through dedication, time and a tremendous amount of effort from all the staff members involved with Ayden’s education my son has grown from strength to strength.

He is passing all his subjects  well, he has blossomed as a child, he is confident in all he does and he is finding it easier to make friends. I cannot thank Dr. Staples and his fine Newton House family enough for the care and effort they have put into my child. The results that they have achieved with him have been out of this world and for that I am eternally grateful.

Ayden and I will miss you all dearly and we wish you all the best for the future. Thank you all so much!!!

Alisdair Young

Thank you for the great school you are running. Grant is happy and is making good progress.

Cecile Labuschagne