Will my child be able to apply for University Entrance after studying at Newton House?

This answer is two-fold. Certainly, the combination of subjects that are offered in the College allows for a child to achieve a university entrance pass in their final year of College. However, the requirements of each university, and even faculties within the same university, as to the marks required for admission are set by the universities. Consequently, your child’s acceptance will be based on the results they produce in those final examinations.

What is the difference between Remedial Education and Assisted Learning?

Remedial Education is a very individualised study path aiming to work on the specific difficulties experienced by an individual student.  Assisted Learning (as offered at Newton House) allows a student to follow the mainstream curriculum with wider content knowledge acquired while assistance is offered within a smaller classroom environment, using varied methodologies.  In other words, all the children in the classroom will be studying the same content (as happens in mainstream schools) but extra attention is able to be offered as a result of the smaller class numbers.

Will my child be able to return to a mainstream school after Newton House?

Once again, this question has to be considered on an individual basis.  It all depends on the individual child’s abilities and personality.  Sometimes a child’s knowledge gaps can be addressed, and their confidence returns automatically and they are then able to mainstream successfully.  However, if a child’s particular struggles are ones that will always require a smaller, more nurturing environment (as is often the case with a very anxious child), mainstreaming may not be wised.  The staff of Newton House is always on hand to discuss this possibility with you, but ultimately it is your decision if you wish your child to return to mainstream schooling.

What if I do not live close to Newton House but my child needs this kind of schooling environment?

We currently have school buses which fetch children in the morning from the Northcliff and Fourways, areas.