Why Newton House?

  • We offer small classes with a maximum of 13 students per class.
  • Support classes and consolidation classes are provided at no additional costs.
  • Dedicated team of independent therapists – Speech, Occupational Therapy, Remedial Therapist, Physio Therapist (Prep School) and Educational Psychologist (College and Prep School) offer services on the school premises.
  • Between eight and ten percent of children in large mainstream schools do not thrive and reach their full potential. There are many reasons that contribute to this. Newton House School is geared to cater for such children.

  • First and foremost, we endeavor to cause a child to again become happy and flourish in a school environment. A child who is content, feels accepted and is at ease in their environment and is open to learning.

  • The pastoral care provided by our teachers is a great contributor to the happiness of the child. The nurturing environment is conducive to the development of confidence and self-esteem. SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) is offered in the Prep School to assist with the development of confidence and self-esteem.

  • Our small, intimate classes are designed to help the child to greater academic achievement. The friendly, non-judgmental acceptance that children experience when joining the school contributes greatly to their emotional well-being.

  • Newton House School implements the national curriculum (CAPS) and prepares children to reach their full potential in line with mainstream outcomes.


Where children are recommended by an Educational Psychologist to make use of certain concessions, they can be implemented from Grade 4 upwards.

What are concessions?

Learning is a skill that anyone can acquire, and it’s vital to our society. However, not everyone has the same chance of acquiring this skill. Students with challenges to learning face challenges beyond their control that impact their ability to achieve their full potential as students.
Concessions and accommodations are designed to equalise opportunities for all students by addressing barriers which students may experience.

Concessions and accommodations are granted by the overseeing institution (DBE) once students have been assessed and show at least an average intellectual ability and a significant long term learning disability which will compromise formal assessment performance.

The following concessions can be accommodated:

Additional Time
A Scribe
A Reader
A Prompter